I have had some very bad experiences with my eldest son (now at school) and so I was wary when I needed to find a nursery for my youngest. I visited A LOT of nurseries in the Bexley area, but purple willow stood head and shoulders above the rest. Simply put, my son LOVES it - he always has a smile on his face and a bounce in his step when he is going to nursery. The nursery has a home from home feel and the staff are incredibly caring, attentive and fun! , They have taken the time to get to know my son personal - what he like and dislikes, what is good and not so good at. Hence, I always feel like my son is not only in safe hands, but being encouraged to learn, explore and blossom and have fun doing so. I would recommend Purple Willows wholeheartedly. It is a happy, fulfilling and fun nursery that my son loves

Mrs K Potter / Parent