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Toddler's Journey

Lions Classroom

The toddler stage is crucial in a child's life. Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful. One primary task for the toddler is to learn to be independent. That is why toddlers want to do things for themselves, have their ideas about how things should happen and use "NO" many times each day.


At purple Willows, we have a good selection of equipment which is used to help develop children's interest in the world and find out more about the world around them. Our environment a group of children plays together, and we focus more on supporting children to build their friendship.

Toddlers bursting with energy and ideas need to explore their environment that is safe for them and become independent and this is exactly what we do at our nursery to ensure that children can study in an environment that is safe for them and become independent.


We give the children enough time to say what they want to say and provide them the resources that encourage them to communicate. Our environment has more challenging activities which help children to explore as well as getting involved in physical activities.

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