Our Menus

At Purple Willows we value the diet consumed by children and focus on following nutritional guidelines and supplying balanced meals with vegetables, proteins, grains, and dairy. We ensure children gets the very best and deliciously nutritious meals and for this reason, all our meals are supplied daily by a leading UK catering company and experts in nursery food and nutrition “Zebedees”.


Zebedees operate in compliance with the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulation 2013. They have also been approved under EC Regulations 853/2004 and listed on the Food Standards Agency website.


They say:


“We believe nursery food matters. As the UK’s leading nursery provider, we’ve perfected the art of preparing fresh, home cooked food that is appealing to little ones but is also varied, nutritious and excellent value for money.


The Zebedees promise


  • Your children eat real food, prepared from scratch and cooked on the day of delivery

  • Our menus are developed with our in-house Nutritionist, to ensure they meet recommended nutrients targets for pre-school children (including salt and NME sugars)

  • Our menus have been independently reviewed and approved by the Children’s Food Trust, in line with their National Best Practice Guidelines

  • We adapt our meals for a range of food allergies and intolerances, plus cultural and ethical requirements

  • We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of food safety, food quality and food hygiene


Nutritious foods help produce healthy, happy children and we believe that the quality of the food we serve has

an essential part to play.”

Day nursery

Children are provided with a hot lunch and mid-morning as well as afternoon snacks designed to meet their nutritional needs. 

Breakfast is available from 08:00 hrs and a healthy snack at approximately 10:30 hrs. Hot lunch is served from 11:30 hrs. This is followed by an afternoon snack and Tea served from 15:30 hrs.


Our catering company ensures the hot food reaches at least 90°c before it is loaded into thermoport boxes and they are delivered as hot as possible. The meals are then transported to the classrooms where they are served by the teachers. The child food is delivered below 8°c. 


Menus are varied from week to week to ensure that the children are not bored with the food choices. They are updated regularly on our website and parents are made aware via our parents bulletin. If your child has allergies to any of our menus, we advise that the parents will be required to supply meals and snacks.



Purple Willows may also ask parents to prepare a packed lunch for their child on special occasions such as picnics or trips.



Please click/download our menu.



Organic Purees for Babies   


Our catering company also provide a great new food for babies. They produce 100% organic frozen baby food purees. The nutritious baby purees are steam cooked to preserve all nutrients and then frozen to preserve all natural flavours and colours. There are ranges of purees from stage 1 upwards. Each box purees come in a variety of three different flavors’ making a total of 20 conveniently sized cubes, each weighing approximately 36 grams.