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Purple Willows holds Royal Wedding Celebration

Due to the upcoming event of the royal wedding and the recent birth of Prince Louis, we have been celebrating with a range of cross curricular activities. To begin our ongoing provision and to develop children’s learning we took the children on an educational visit to Buckingham Palace and St. James Park. Following this we have made flags, crowns, and multicultural wedding outfits, listen to a range of cultural music and then finally we invited parents and carers of our children to join the celebration with an afternoon tea to promote the importance of fundamental British values.

At the event the nursery manager Kellie Stratton said “We have celebrated the Royal Wedding this week making many activities and finished off what has been exciting week by having a beautiful party with the children and their parents. We have many more lovely activities planned for our children this year and we look forward to a successful year ".

Many thanks to all our staff, children and their parents.

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