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Admissions Policy

At Purple Willows Day Nursery, we uphold principles of equality and inclusion, ensuring that all children have access to high-quality care and education. We are registered and regulated by Ofsted, which conducts inspections to monitor services catering to children, young people, and learners of all ages.

Age Range: We welcome children aged 3 months to 5 years old, providing a nurturing environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

Contract and Agreement


Upon acceptance of a place at our nursery, parents will be expected to sign a contract outlining the terms and conditions of enrollment. We ask that any agreement concerning placement be promptly returned to us to ensure timely processing and commencement of care.


Financial Arrangements


Financial arrangements must be made and approved before a child attends our childcare facility. A non-refundable registration fee of £100 is required for non-funded spaces to add a child's name to our registry. This fee covers administrative costs associated with enrollment.

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Pricing Information


Once you select your preferred nursery and days, we'll provide detailed pricing information. This will include the monthly fees based on your chosen schedule, ensuring transparency and clarity in financial arrangements.

We offer a 5% discount on full-time places, providing additional value for families requiring full-time care. Additionally, we extend a 10% sibling discount for the oldest child enrolled in our nursery, supporting families with multiple children in managing childcare costs effectively. Please note that the discount only applies to fully paid sessions and doesn't extend to certain items or services labeled as consumables.  

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Interested parents and guardians are encouraged to take the opportunity to enroll their child in our nursery program


Funded Childcare 

Government funding for childcare is vital, supporting families in accessing affordable childcare options. In England, two main government funding programs aim to alleviate the financial burden of childcare: the 15-hour and 30-hour funded childcare schemes. These initiatives provide crucial support to families in meeting the costs of childcare services.

However, it's important to stay informed about changes to these schemes. Since April 2024, there have been adjustments to these schemes' entitlement criteria and availability. It's essential for families to understand these changes to make informed decisions regarding their childcare arrangements.


At Purple Willows, we understand that families may have different needs and preferences regarding childcare attendance. That's why we offer the option to 'stretch' these funded hours over the full year. This allows your child to attend our childcare facility every week, helping them establish a routine, while also evenly spreading the associated fees over the entire year.

*Terms and conditions apply to funded hours of Childcare. Please read our funded hours policy for more information

Nursery Registration

We are committed to providing exceptional care and education and look forward to welcoming new families into our community. To begin enrollment, please visit our website or contact our admissions office for further information and to submit an application. We're excited to embark on this educational journey with you and your child at Purple Willows.

For more detailed information about available funding options, we encourage you to review our funding guide. This comprehensive resource provides insights into government funding programs, eligibility criteria, application processes, and recent scheme changes or updates.

By consulting our funding guide, you can better understand how government funding can support your childcare needs and help you access affordable childcare options. Whether you're interested in the 15-hour or 30-hour funded childcare schemes or other available funding programs, our guide aims to provide clarity and guidance to families navigating childcare funding.

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