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Our Menu

At Purple Willows, we understand the importance of providing nutritious and balanced meals to support the growth and development of young children. Our nursery menu is carefully planned to offer various healthy and delicious options that cater to the dietary needs and preferences of all children in our care. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Menu Overview

Please note that our menu may vary depending on seasonal availability and dietary requirements. We also accommodate special dietary needs, including allergies and cultural preferences, to ensure that every child receives nourishing and enjoyable meals while at our nursery. If you have any specific dietary concerns or requests, please let us know, and we'll be happy to accommodate them.


Comprehensive Meal Schedule

Purple Willows offers a comprehensive meal schedule including breakfast, mid-morning snack, hot lunch, afternoon snack, and tea.


Breakfast Availability

Breakfast is available from 08:00 hrs to ensure children start their day with a nutritious meal.


Healthy Mid-Morning Snack

A healthy snack is provided around 10:00 hrs to address hunger between breakfast and lunch.


Afternoon Snack

A healthy snack is provided around 14:00 hrs to address hunger between breakfast and lunch.


Regular Timing

The regular meal schedule creates predictability for children, promoting a sense of security and stability.


Nutrient-Rich Hot Lunch

Lunch is served at 11:30 hrs, offering a nutrient-rich meal to fuel children's activities and development.


Tea Service

Tea is served from 15:30 hrs, providing a light meal or refreshments until the end of the day.

Colorful Fruits

Partnership with Zebedees
for nursery food provision

Here's a summary:

  1. Nutritional Focus: Purple Willows prioritizes children's dietary needs by adhering to nutritional guidelines and offering balanced meals with a variety of food groups, including vegetables, proteins, grains, and dairy.

  1. Meal Supplier: Some of Purple Willows' nursery settings outsource their food provision to Zebedees, a leading UK catering company specializing in nursery food and nutrition.

  1. Quality Assurance: Zebedees ensures compliance with relevant regulations, including the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulation 2013 and EC Regulations 853/2004. They are listed on the Food Standards Agency website, providing assurance of their adherence to food safety standards.

This partnership underscores Purple Willows' commitment to providing children with nutritious and delicious meals, supported by a reputable catering company with expertise in nursery food and safety standards. For more information about Zebedees' involvement in specific nursery settings, individuals are encouraged to inquire directly with their local branch of Purple Willows.

Healthy and balanced meals

Little baby is eating broccoli vegetable
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Purple Willows prioritizes children's nutrition by offering a variety of healthy and balanced meals, fostering healthy eating habits, and accommodating individual dietary needs.

Purple Willows takes a proactive approach to ensure children receive a varied and balanced diet throughout the day, essential for their overall well-being. Here are some key points highlighted in the provided information

  1. Regular Meals and Snacks: Purple Willows offers meals and snacks at various intervals to support children's physical health and create a positive eating environment within the nursery.

  • Variety in Menus: Menus are rotated weekly to prevent children from becoming bored with food choices. This approach exposes children to diverse flavors and nutrients, contributing to their overall nutrition.

  • Communication with Parents: Menus are updated regularly on the nursery's website, and parents are notified via the parent bulletin. This ensures that parents are informed about the meals their children will be served and can plan accordingly.

  • Allergy Considerations: Purple Willows takes allergies seriously and asks parents to notify the nursery if their child has any allergies. In cases where a child has allergies, parents may be required to provide alternative meals and snacks to ensure their child's safety.

  • Special Occasions: Parents may be asked to prepare a packed lunch for their child on special occasions such as picnics or trips. This ensures that children continue to receive nutritious meals even during special events outside the nursery.


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