Our preschool children at Sidcup day nursery and Belverdere day nursery marked the end of their time at Purple Willows on Friday 17th of July with some outstanding performances.

We are very proud to see many of the children achievements in the entire EYFS curriculum and their sweet memories will forever remain in our hearts.

It was a very emotional day as many of the children have been with us for a long time and that are such a joy and a bundle of energy that made us all feel like children.

We would like to give a big thanks to all our nursery staff, working tirelessly to care for children of key workers during this pandemic and to all the Children and their Parents who helped made the graduation day a success. This year graduation was different due to social distancing; however, we are pleased to be able to present a remarkable farewell to all the children and their families.

We might be saying goodbye right now, but we will always be here for all parents and their children whenever they need us. We wish all the children the very best of luck in their journey at primary school.


From the week beginning 1 June 2020, Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool in Sidcup and Belvedere will welcome back all children following the latest government directive to re-open nurseries.

Over the last few weeks we have prepared our childcare settings in anticipation of reopening and have develop a number of new ways of operating. This will allow us to open as safely as possible, focusing on measures that will help limit the risk of coronavirus transmitting within our daycare nurseries.

Some of the steps we are taking in readiness for reopening include:

  1. Asking that anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or who lives with someone who does, not to attend the setting. That includes children and staff who work here.

  2. Keeping our children in small groups with as much consistent staffing as possible, and minimising contact with other groups around the setting.

  3. Cleaning our hands more often than usual. We have developed routines to ensure children understand when and how to wash their hands, making sure they wash them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using running water and soap and dry them thoroughly, or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered.

  4. Ensuring our children understand good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring a good supply of tissues and bins throughout the setting.

  5. Implementing an enhanced cleaning schedule, ensuring surfaces touched by children and staff are cleaned regularly and throughout the day, including table tops, door handles and play equipment.

  6. Asking parents and carers to physically distance from each other and from staff when dropping off and collecting their children and to limit drop off and collection to one parent or carer per household.

  7. Asking children not to bring toys or other items from home to the setting, unless this is essential to their health and wellbeing.

All children who are attending Purple Willows Nursery and Preschool will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus. We ask all parents to ensure they organise a test for their child, in the event that they develop coronavirus symptoms, and notify the nursery immediately of a positive test.

We are looking forward to welcoming our children back to nursery.


Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Whether you work outside the home and need childcare or you're a stay at home parent, a toddler day nursery is suitable for your child. Even if you only send your child two or three days a week for a couple of hours each time, it will help your child in many ways. Years ago, Kindergarten was the time when children began learning about school, but this is no longer the case. These days children should attend nursery school for their benefit.

Kindergarten Has Changed

These days kindergarten is more like what first grade used to be. It is no longer a gentle transition into school. Your child may feel completely overwhelmed and lost if they have never been in a school-like setting with other children before. Nursery school is the time for your child to learn what they used to know in Kindergarten.

  • They learn structure.

  • They learn that they can do things on their own without their parents.

  • They learn to socialize, which is a vital skill for children.

  • They learn to cooperate with others.

Independence Feels Good

Your child will thrive as they gain independence at nursery school. At home, parents and older siblings may automatically do things for your child, and the child may be quite capable of doing some of them by themselves. In nursery school, they will be encouraged to do things for themselves. Kids love the sense of accomplishment they get from this.

It is So Much Fun

Your toddler will meet new friends with who he can play. They work on arts and crafts, sing songs, and play outside. They have a great time. That might be your child's first experience with friends outside of the immediate family, and it will be thrilling and exciting to meet new people. Children love the different activities available at nursery school.

Nursery school is full of positive experiences for your toddler. They will learn skills that they will need and use in school and throughout their lives. They will make long-lasting friendships. They will feel proud and good about themselves as they learn new skills and take part in activities. Search for 'nursery near me.', to get your child started. You will not regret it once you see the smiles on your child's face when you pick them up. You and your child will be glad that you signed them up.


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