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Purple Willow offer Outstanding Chlidcare Day Nursery, Recognizing Excellence with Annual Awards'

As we reflect on the milestones reached in December 2023, we are reminded of the remarkable accomplishments of our outstanding childcare team. We proudly awarded Lola Wells from Brentwood Day Nursery with the coveted Employee of the Year award for her exemplary dedication and contributions. Additionally, we recognized individuals for outstanding performance, ultimate teamwork, and best team member, highlighting the collective effort that propels our daycare nursery forward.

Lola's unwavering commitment, passion for early childhood education at Brentwood Nursery have made a profound impact on our nursery community.
Annual Awards

Introduction of Awards:

  1. Employee of the Year: This prestigious award honors the team member who epitomizes the values of Purple Willows Nursery, demonstrating exceptional dedication, leadership, and service to our children and families.

  2. Outstanding Performance Award: Presented to the individuals who consistently goes above and beyond in their role, achieving outstanding results and making a significant impact on the success of our nursery.

  3. Ultimate Teamwork Award: Recognizing the collaborative spirit and mutual support demonstrated by a team in working towards common goals, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

  4. Best Team Member Award: Celebrating the individual who embodies the spirit of teamwork, consistently supporting their colleagues and contributing to the overall success and morale of the nursery.

Employees unwavering commitment, passion for early childhood education at Sidcup, Belvedere and Clapham Nursery have made a profound impact on our nursery community.
Annual Awards

We are immensely proud of our amazing team for their hard work and dedication, which has propelled Purple Willows Nursery to reach significant milestones.

Together, we have created a nurturing and enriching environment where children thrive and families feel supported.

As we look ahead to the future, let us continue to foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Congratulations once again to all our award recipients and heartfelt gratitude to our entire outstanding chldcare team for their contributions to our nursery's success.

Here's to another year of growth, learning, and making a difference in the lives of children and families.


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