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Employee Engagement Awards 2021

We wish Natasha a huge congratulations on receiving the nursery's "Employee of the Year 2021" award.

Having joined Purple Willows since 2018, Natasha has always been diligent, compassionate and sincere individual. Natasha contribution to our team has been inspiring and colleagues have praised her for her positive work ethics and optimistic attitude.

Natasha role as SENCO is vital to Purple Willows Day Nursery and she has always maintained high standards. The administration team at Purple Willows Nurseries acknowledges and appreciate her efforts.

Natasha said "I am so proud and overwhelmed but most grateful to receive this award and thank you" .

We also commended Kim for her performance with "Outstanding contribution to Purple Willows award". Whilst we are sad to see Kim retired from her role as a nursery chef, we are extremely proud for her contribution to the children and staff at Purple Willows Sidcup Preschool. We wish Kim many years of success in her next chapter in her life as she celebrate her retirement.

Many Congratulations to Kellie, the nursery manager for her inspiring award. Kellie outstanding performance and influencing the rest of the team to achieve planned goals is phenomenal. Kellie is an inspiration for the team and her positive attitude and passion for the children success and the job is what makes her an incredible person to work with. Kellie determination and hard work have paid off well, and we feel truly grateful to her as our manager.

We appreciate the spirit of each team member at Purple Willows Day Nurseries and we are thrilled to have such a terrific group of people working in tandem.


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