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Expressive Arts & Design

At Purple Willows Day Nursery, we understand that activities involving drawing, playing with paint, instruments or technology enable children the chance to express themselves and learn new things. We make provision to young children at our nursery to use gross motor skills as a precursor to developing the "fine motor" skills which are essential for mark making and writing.

We encourage children to explore and share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas while supporting them in developing their creativity by providing them with a wide range of media, materials, and opportunities so they can express themselves and use their imaginations.

Our outdoor area is set up to encourage children to experiment with the visual and performing arts and design technology. The nursery environment is set up to help the children to enjoy the experience of painting and mark making as well as learning the necessary skills to handle tools, equipment, and materials safely and efficiently. Children are also encouraged to sing and dance to music.

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