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Childcare In Clapham

If You Are Searching For Childcare in Clapham | Brixton, Visit Us at Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool

When it comes to searching for out of school care, you want to choose the best for your child when you have to be away. We understand this and offer quality childcare services in an environment that fosters learning and growth. Your search for childcare in Clapham can end with us because we offer everything you have been searching for in an out of school care program. We have high safety standards that include a manual of standard procedures to be followed in any situation to keep your child safe in and out of our walls, fully trained and vetted staff, whistle blowing procedures, and a dedication to the safety and wellness of each child that is in our care.



Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool offers out of school care to children in the area so if you are looking for childcare near me, check out our amenities, smart and friendly staff, and welcoming environment to children and parents. Our out of school care program ensures that your child will be safe, and well taken care of while keeping up with sports and studies during any school breaks. Ask about this program, in particular, if you have a school-aged child with the need for out of school care. We welcome new school-aged children and our preschool graduates alike for this program.



One of the most important choices you can make for your child is which preschool you choose to send them to. We provide quality childcare for children ages 3 months to Pre-school in addition to our out of school programs. Our environment facilitates learning and allows your child to grow in a warm welcoming environment. We have an educational curriculum that we follow to make sure each of our students receives the same high-quality education and each student has their own “Key person” to make sure of their comfort, safety, and education. Your child will receive a preschool education without feeling the pressure of school because we teach and encourage learning in an interactive, hands-on way that leaves our students interested in the topics and not pressured to achieve even though they later enter school completely ready to achieve all that they should at their level. We have a few different locations, all with the same level of care, expert and friendly staff, and standards, in the Clapham & Brixton area for you and your child's convenience. Once your child is enrolled you will be able to learn more about our Parent Zone online app that allows you to see your child's daily activities as logged by their key person in real-time through the day. We take many measures to ensure one on one care and complete safety and convenience as your child learns, plays, and grows with us.

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