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Intergeneration Care 

As part of Purple Willows learning journey, we have established a new initiative with Abbotsleigh Mews Care Home Bupa where our children interact and carry out activities with the elderly particularly people with dementia. This initiative brings young and old together within the Bexley community and provides an extra aspect of social life experience.    

We believe that Residents teach valuable life lessons and the children visiting the elderly regularly will help them respect their elders as they develop. This also enables the children to learn about differences between generation and about the world which is an essential part of the EYFS curriculum "Understanding the World" Children understand that sometimes they need to speak quietly, but sometimes it is necessary to speak more loudly if an older person is having difficulty hearing them. 


Our ethos is Community Pride and Respect, and we want all our children to take pride in themselves, their families, their background and their heritage.


Purple Willow day Nursery have put in place a structure to ensure a mutual benefit to both generations.


A recent publication in the Bexley Times state that residents at Bupa Abbotsleigh Mews have been brought a new life of hope by regular visits from our children every week. 




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