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Happy senior lady with a walker holding hands of little boy and girl. Grandmother with gra

Intergeneration Care at

Purple Willows 

Our Story 

The initiative between Purple Willows and the local care home represents a beautiful example of intergenerational care, fostering meaningful connections between the young and old within the Bexley community. Here's how this initiative benefits both generations:

At Purple Willows, we believe in the power of intergenerational care, where we bring together the wisdom and experience of older generations with the energy and curiosity of young children. Our intergenerational care program creates meaningful interactions between the elderly and children, fostering mutual respect, empathy, and understanding across generations. 



How our intergenerational care program works at 
Purple Willows 

Collaborative Activities

We organize joint activities and projects that allow children and seniors to engage in meaningful interactions. These activities may include storytelling sessions, arts and crafts projects, gardening, music sessions, or simply spending time together in conversation.

Shared Spaces

We create shared spaces within our facility where children and seniors can come together and interact naturally. These spaces are designed to be comfortable and inviting, encouraging spontaneous interactions and connections.

Learning Opportunities

Our intergenerational care program provides valuable learning opportunities for both children and seniors. Children learn important life lessons, such as empathy, respect, and appreciation for diversity, while seniors benefit from the joy and energy children bring.

Enhanced Well-being

Research has shown that intergenerational interactions can positively affect children's and seniors' physical, emotional, and social well-being. These interactions promote feelings of connectedness, reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, and contribute to overall happiness and fulfillment.

Community Engagement

Our intergenerational care program extends beyond the walls of our facility, as we actively engage with local senior centers, retirement communities, and nursing homes to create opportunities for intergenerational connections within the broader community.

Respect and Understanding

Through these interactions, children develop respect for their elders and gain a deeper understanding of aging and dementia. They learn to adapt their communication and behavior to accommodate the needs of older adults, promoting empathy.

By fostering intergenerational connections and promoting respect and understanding between generations, Purple Willows' initiative enriches the lives of both children and elderly residents, contributing to a stronger, more compassionate community.

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