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Nursery in Sidcup

Our Nursery in Sidcup Welcomes Your Family to Ours.

Are you searching for nursery near me or day nursery in Sidcup & Bexley? Learn more about the many amenities, safety procedures, and interactive educational programs we have available for our toddlers and babies at our day nursery.



First, you should know each child and baby in our care has their own designated “key person” to help guide them through their day and to be responsible for their safety, comfort, and education. Each of our staff are vetted, and we only hire the best. You will have a friendly open conversational relationship with your child's key person (and ideally the rest of the staff) so you can feel confident each day your toddler is in our care. This key person will also fill in an app you can check out through the day to know what your toddler is doing in real time.



Second, you should know about our many educational offerings that we implement into your child's daily activities. We know that a child's playtime is like their job, no matter the age. Interaction, availability of toys, outside and inside playtime, and reading time are all key elements of this. In addition to Heuristic play time when your child can learn through play we have an age-appropriate curriculum that is up to regulatory standards or beyond to keep your child's brain stimulated and to prepare them for their next level of education.



Third, our safety procedures are of the highest standards. Each child-care care center should be registered with OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education). We are registered and regulated by this government inspection service and our latest report reflects our high standards that meet or exceed safety and educational requirements for the building, staff, and child interaction. We have plans in place that each staff member knows exactly for events ranging from a natural disaster, terrorism, lost child, and more. We have never had any of these events happen in affiliation with our facility, but we know that to be prepared means your child will be as safe as possible while in our care. We actually look forward to our OFSTED inspections because we know that we are the premier facility in the area for toddler safety and comfort standards.



If you are interested in learning more about our program for your child after searching for a nursery near me online and discovering our facilities then contact us, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and meet you and your child soon. We look forward to exceeding your expectations for your toddler's day nursery.

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