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Welcome to Purple Willows 

Purple Willows is an OFSTED accredited private preschool dedicated to offering a premier early education and childcare experience for children and families. Our guiding ethos, 'Community Pride and Respect,' forms the foundation of an environment where children take pride in themselves, their families, and their heritage.

Our Commitment:

  • We believe in the potential of every child to succeed.

  • Our commitment is to create a nurturing atmosphere where children are happy, feel cared for, valued, and appreciate their work.

  • We inspire each child to achieve their very best within a supportive community fostering respect and tolerance for self and others.


Our Approach:


  • A unique nurturing approach focuses on developing joyful, confident learners prepared for success in both school and life.

  • Our nursery staff is carefully selected, ensuring not only qualifications but also a deep understanding of each child's needs.

  • The curriculum incorporates 21st-century learning skills, encouraging exploration, discovery, imagination, and learning in a fun-loving environment.


Visit Us:


  • Parents and guardians are warmly invited to visit our nursery, learn more about our programs, and tour our nurturing setting.

  • Purple Willows is dedicated to providing not only education but also a holistic and enriching early learning experience for your child.


At Purple Willows, we take pride in fostering a community where education is intertwined with joy, confidence, and a deep respect for each child's unique journey.

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