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Happy grandmother and cute granddaughter

Parents Zone

Through ParentZone, busy parents can log in and view their child’s daily activities and wow moments when it is most convenient for them. Parents can contribute to their child’s learning journey, make notes for their key person and strengthen their bond with the staff and setting all from their secure app.


How the System works:


Purple Willows Nursery will upload photos and descriptions of your child’s day so that you’ll never miss a moment of your child’s development again. You can log in securely whenever is most convenient for you and see important information about your child’s day.

Secure logins can be sent to other family members and carers so you can all join in to celebrate your child’s development.

ParentZone will show you information about your child’s

• Meals
• Naps
• Nappy Changes
• Medicine
• Accidents
• Moments

ParentZone can only be accessed via invitation from our nursery. To find out more please speak to your childs key worker or the nursery office. 

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