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Private Nursery

Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool is Your Private Nursery for Quality Infant and Baby Care

Have you been looking for a safe loving and warm environment for your baby to grow in when you return to work? We offer baby care and interactive nursery care for babies so when they have to be out of your arms they are still receiving comparable attention and care. Your child will receive private nursery care from a nurse who is trained in the baby's specific age group and in any medical issues your child may have. Your baby's caregiver from day one will ideally be their key person as they attend daycare with us at Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool so you will feel comfortable each day knowing who is taking care of your little one.



What does interactive nursery mean exactly? It means that your baby will receive attention, kind words during diaper changes, relaxed feedings, and circle times with other babies comparable to what they would receive if they were at home interacting with you throughout the day. Interaction is a key part of your baby's development, and we provide a stable caring environment each day.


A private nursery is an important element in a young child's life. You can be confident you made the right choice with us because we take our role as caregiver very seriously. We are open to suggestions from parents, and will discuss your child's progress and activities as you desire. We also have integrated technology that allows you to read online about your child's day each time their key person updates. This means you will know exactly when your baby took a nap, ate last, had a movement or any other daily milestone that you need to provide care for a little one.

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