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Private Preschool in Sidcup

Why is Heuristic Play a Vital Part of Early Years Education?

Heuristic play is important for early learning in babies and toddlers. You can look for any good private preschool or toddler day nursery in Sidcup | Bexley to encourage and provide opportunities for toddlers to learn and grow naturally through play time. Not all parents know about this form of play, and it is important that a child plays freely to learn through play at home and at day school, alike. A quality toddler day nursery in Sidcup | Bexley will include Heuristic play and inform parents of ways to encourage play time at home in order to have full early years education.



Heuristic means to allow or enable someone to learn something for themselves, hands on. Heuristic play is a form of play that most children navigate towards naturally. It is important for child-care providers and parents to provide many opportunities for heuristic play and learning when the child is still a toddler. As your child plays with objects that they can multitask into creative story lines or pretend to be an adult using the toy at their job, they will better understand the world around them. For example, a child with a ladle and a pot to prepare a dinner out of sticks and stones is learning as much as a child who is using that same spoon as a sword, wand, or shovel. Children should be exposed to many “outside the box” toys and activities to allow their imagination, creativity, and understanding of the world to grow naturally.



At Purple Willows Day Nursery & Preschool we provide your child with many opportunities and supplies to learn about life through natural playtime in a supportive and safe environment. We know that play is a vital part of development for toddlers, in fact, play is school for the very young, so you will find your child looks forward to returning to their toddler day nursery each day because they will want to continue to play with their toys and friends. We do not only focus on non-structured playtime as learning. We follow age-appropriate curriculum and follow it in a fun engaging fashion so your child can learn all they can, while they can as part of a full early years education. If you are looking for a quality toddler day nursery, or private preschool in Sidcup | Bexley contact us to meet our friendly staff and tour our facilities. We provide a safe environment where your child can play pretend inside and outside on nice days. We know that heuristic play is a vital part of your child's brain development, and we will encourage creativity and free play activities for them to learn daily.

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