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Room Leader

Job title: Room Leader


Purpose of post

  • To ensure a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for all children in their care

  • To give support to other team members within their immediate room and within the wider nursery

  • To work as part of a team in order to provide an enabling environment in which all individual children can play, learn and develop.


Responsible to

Nursery Manager


Main duties

  • To support the team members to have the specific knowledge and skills required to work effectively with children of this age

  • Formulate and operate a programme of activities that meet the individual needs and interests of children in your area in conjunction with other team members and the Manager

  • To keep records of your key children’s development and learning journeys, share this with parents, carers and other key adults in the child’s life and institute reviews for parents, in conjunction with the Manager

  • Support all team members with the early identification and intervention for children with possible special needs and give physical, emotional and intellectual guidance as appropriate

  • Support all team members in this area to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to complete the two year old progress checks effectively

  • Ensure all children in the two year old room receive progress checks as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage and that these are shared with parents in an appropriate and timely manner (England only)

  • Undertake appropriate supervision meetings/processes for all members in your team in conjunction with the nursery management approach

  • Feed into appraisals, target settings and nursery operations as deemed appropriate by the manager

  • Attend nursery management meetings and feed appropriate information back to your teams

  • Support all staff to engage in good team working

  • Support team members to seek out any training or support they may require to fulfil their roles and responsibilities

  • Support new team members through inductions in partnership with the manager

  • Ensure all record keeping is accurate and up-to-date within your designated area, including learning journeys of all children in your room, sleep charts, accident forms, daily record sheets and any other forms/records required for the child’s welfare, learning and development

  • Ensure room checks and outdoor checks are conducted in line with nursery procedures

  • Liaise with and support parents and other family members

  • Liaise with the local authority and other professionals associated with the nursery

  • To be involved in out of working hours activities, e.g. training, monthly staff meetings, parents evening, fundraising events etc.

  • Undertake certain domestic jobs within the nursery, e.g. preparation of snack meals, cleansing of equipment and such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature as may be determined from time to time by the Manager

  • Participate in training programmes with a wide variety of students (i.e. placements and volunteers), by giving guidance and support

  • Work alongside the Manager and staff team to ensure that the nursery philosophy is fulfilled

  • Read, understand and adhere to all policies and procedures relevant to your role as deemed appropriate by the Manager. Support team members to do the same and ensure all policies and procedures are followed

  • To ensure good standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times and be responsible for the health and safety standards appropriate for the needs of young children

  • Ensure someone known and agreed by the nursery and parent collects each child

  • To ensure confidentiality of all information received by all team members in your area.


Specific childcare tasks

  • To support and facilitate the preparation and completion of activities to suit each individual child's stage of development and interests

  • To support all staff to develop their role within the team especially as a key person

  • To ensure that mealtimes are a time of pleasant social sharing

  • Washing and changing children as required

  • Ensuring a poorly child is kept calm and warm and parents are notified immediately in order for the child to be collected

  • To develop and maintain strong partnerships and communications with parents/carers to facilitate day-to-day caring and early learning needs

  • To ensure the provision of a high-quality environment to meet the needs of individual children regardless of any disabilities, family backgrounds or medical history

  • To be aware of the high profile of the nursery and ensure all staff uphold its standards at all times, both within work hours and outside.

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