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Who we are

We are Purple Willows, an OFSTED accredited private preschool dedicated to providing a premier early education and childcare experience for children and families. Our guiding ethos is 'Community Pride and Respect,' fostering an environment where children take pride in themselves, their families, and their heritage.

At Purple Willows, we believe in the potential of every child to succeed. We are committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere where children are happy, feel cared for, valued, and appreciate their work. Our goal is to inspire each child to achieve their very best within a supportive community where respect and tolerance for self and others are deeply embedded.


Our unique nurturing approach focuses on developing joyful, confident learners who are well-prepared for success in both school and life. We take great care in selecting our nursery staff, ensuring they are not only qualified but also deeply understand the needs of each child. Our curriculum incorporates 21st-century learning skills, encouraging children to explore, discover, imagine, and learn in a fun-loving environment.

We welcome parents and guardians to visit our nursery, learn more about our programs, and tour our nursery setting. At Purple Willows, we are dedicated to providing not only education but also a holistic and enriching early learning experience for your child.

Our Commitment to You

At Purple Willows, our commitment to you is unwavering and deeply rooted in our values. We pledge to provide a nurturing and premier early education and childcare experience for your child and your family. Our commitment is reflected in the following principles:

Individualized Care and Development: We are dedicated to recognizing and addressing the unique needs of each child. Our approach is tailored to foster individual growth, ensuring that every child receives personalized care and attention.

Positive and Inclusive Environment: We are committed to maintaining a positive and inclusive environment where every child feels a sense of belonging. Our ethos of 'Community Pride and Respect' guides us in creating a space that celebrates diversity and encourages mutual respect.

Excellence in Education: Purple Willows is committed to providing an excellent standard of education. Our carefully crafted curriculum, incorporating 21st-century learning skills, aims to inspire a love for learning, exploration, and discovery.

Qualified and Compassionate Staff: We prioritize the selection of staff who are not only highly qualified but also deeply compassionate. Our team understands the needs of your child and is dedicated to creating a supportive and joyful learning environment.

Open Communication and Partnership: We believe in open communication and building a strong partnership with parents and guardians. Your involvement is crucial, and we encourage regular communication to ensure a collaborative approach to your child's development.

Safe and Caring Environment: The safety and well-being of your child are our top priorities. Purple Willows is committed to maintaining a secure and caring environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.


Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement and staying abreast of the latest educational practices. Our dedication to excellence drives us to consistently evolve and enhance our programs for the benefit of the children in our care.

At Purple Willows, our commitment is not just to educate but to nurture, inspire, and prepare your child for a future full of possibilities. We welcome you to be an integral part of this journey and look forward to providing an enriching and fulfilling early learning experience for your family."

Why entrust us your child

By choosing Purple Willows, you are choosing a place where your child will not only receive quality education but will also be nurtured, inspired, and prepared for a successful future. We consider it an honor and a responsibility to be entrusted with your child's early education and development, and we are dedicated to making this journey enriching and fulfilling for your family.

Compliments, Concerns and Complaints  

At Purple Willows, we value open communication and welcome your feedback. Your compliments, concerns, and complaints provide valuable insights that help us enhance our services and ensure the well-being of your child. Here's how we address these:


Your compliments motivate and inspire us. If you have positive experiences or observations, we encourage you to share them. Positive feedback not only boosts our team's morale but also reinforces practices that contribute to the well-being and development of your child.


We understand that concerns may arise, and we are committed to addressing them promptly and effectively. If you have any concerns about your child's experience, safety, or well-being, please communicate with us. We value transparency and will work collaboratively to find resolutions.


If you have a formal complaint, we have a structured process in place to address it. Please bring your complaint to our attention, and we will investigate the matter thoroughly. We are committed to resolving complaints fairly and in a timely manner.

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