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Pre-Schooler's Journey


Our Preschool educational journey is unique and well equipped with a variety of resources that satisfy the emotional, social, physical, musical and creative needs of the children. Using interactive technology and display screens, children are motivated and engaged in the classroom activities. Of cause, our teaching is fun, enjoyable and engaging. 

Our preschool activities are based on firsthand experiences that encourage exploration, observation, experimentation, discussion, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making.

As we prepare the children for primary education, they are presented with stimulating and safe environment to enable them to be independent and gain confidence as well as experience. We spend more time talking together with the children as a group, helping them to negotiate effectively and also assist them organise their ideas and plan what they are going to do, and provide them opportunities to be reflective and discuss what they have been doing. 

The children are also taken out for a tour as part of their learning development visiting exciting places such as the zoo, museum, parks and many more. 

We have an environment that is resourced with physical activities which the children use independently to develop their manipulative skills. All children at purple Willows understand the importance of physical activity and to make healthy choices in relation to food.​

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