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At Purple Willows, our preschool educational journey is designed to be unique and comprehensive, catering to the diverse needs of children across emotional, social, physical, musical, and creative domains. We leverage interactive technology and display screens to keep children motivated and engaged in classroom activities, fostering a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

Our approach to preschool activities is grounded in firsthand experiences. We encourage children to explore, observe, experiment, discuss, think critically, solve problems, and make decisions. Through hands-on learning opportunities, children develop essential skills and knowledge while cultivating a love for learning.


Key principles

By fostering a love for learning, social skills, and foundational academic knowledge, Purple Willows supports each child's development during these crucial early years.

Reflective Practice

Preschoolers are encouraged to be reflective and discuss their experiences. We provide opportunities for children to reflect on what they have done, share their thoughts and ideas, and learn from their experiences.

Physical Activities

We offer a variety of activities that support physical development, allowing children to develop manipulative skills and make healthy choices regarding food. Physical activity is integrated into daily routines to promote health and well-being.


Explore Infants and toddlers


Infants - Zebra Room 


Our precious little children need very special care and attention. With one teacher to three infants, each child gets plenty of attention and interaction required to make their day joyful,


Toddlers - Lions Room

Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful. We ensure toddlers learn to be independent, do things for themselves, and have their own ideas about how things should happen. We have a good selection of equipment used to help develop children's interest in the world and learn more about the world around them.

Purple Willows preschool program is designed to create a positive and engaging learning environment where children can flourish and prepare to transition to primary education. Through hands-on experiences, effective communication, and reflective practice, we support each child's development during these crucial early years.

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